Industrial Radioscopy & Radiography Non-destructive testing for quality control
NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING Quality Control Inspection Services for Industry. Products Inspected by X-rays without destroying it!
SYSTEMS & MODULES Cabinets 160,225,320,450kV X-ray Tubes, Generators Detectors, Coolers, Chillers High Voltage Cables Digital Radiography-DR  
PRODUCTS Complete Solutions for NDT Inspection. Rental, Retrofitting Parts and Accessories Service and Customer Support
APPLICATIONS Automotive, Foundries, Research & Development, Aerospace, Food, Steel Gauging, and more
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 Certified ISO 9001:2015 - for ‘Industrial X-ray Inspection Services’ Dun & Bradstreet - DUNS registered company Renault S/A  accreditated laboratory NAS 410 (RT) - Level I, II e III
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