The   Julio   Verne   Automação   is   a   leading   company   in   the   field   of   non-destructive   testing   with   industrial   x-rays   technology.   Our company provides inspection services and products to meet many industrial applications.     Our   laboratory   is   equipped   with   high-end   x-ray   technology,   being   able   to   offer   an   affordable,   fast   and   effective   solution   for customers.
QUALITY POLICY To   ensure   customer´s   satisfaction,   Julio Verne: • Promotes the improvement of the Quality Management System • Applies technological innovations to ensure the quality of products and processes •   Provides resources • Promotes Employees development and improvement • Performs narrowing of relationship with customers *updated 2018
VALUES • Quality and Reliability Services • Acting with Ethics and Transparency • Commitment of All • Human Resources Valorization and     Qualification •   Determination   and   Enthusiasm   in   face of Challenges • Team Development and Motivation • Integrity, Honesty, and Respect • Sustainable Growth • Social Responsibility
MISSION Meet   customers   needs   by   providing   high quality   services   and   adding   value   to   their products.   To   integrate   and   promote   the organization´s        employees        at        all hierarchical   levels,   raising   awareness   of the   need   for   commitment   and   the   sense of    dynamism,    collaboration,    proactivity, teamwork, and motivation. VISION To   be   the   reference   of   excellence   in   the segment   for   Non-destructive   Testing   with X-ray
Qualification & Equipments
The   Julio   Verne   company   is   licensed   by   CNEN   -   Brazilian   Energy   Nuclear   Commission,   with   an experienced   staff   formed   by   professionals   and   technicians   constantly   trained,   assuring   the   quality   and reliability of the services provided. The equipment inventory is designed to assure quality and reliability of the inspection services. We   are   certified   norm   ISO   9001:2015,   by   Societá   Mediterranea   Certificazioni   do   Brazil,   in   the   scope Radioscopy, and NAS 410 (RX), levels I,II and III
Santo Andre / SP
X-RAY INSPECTION +55 11 4458 4883
EQUIPMENTS +55 11 4458 2829