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JULIO   VERNE   will   participate   in   the   Santo Andre   Colombia Commercial   Mission,   to   be   held   in   Bogota,   on   June   5   and   6, 2018;   where   business   meetings   and   events   will   be   held   between Brazilian and Colombian organizations. The   project   is   being   promoted   by   the   Santo   André   City Hall,   together   with   Tec   Mobile, ACISA   -   Santo André   Commercial and   Industrial Association   and   CIESP   -   São   Paulo   State   Industry Center;   in   addition   to   support   from   Investe   SP,   Sebrae   and   the Government of the State of São Paulo.
Julio Verne joins commercial mission Santo Andre Colombia
 Date: 24/05/2018 10:57 - Source: H. Honda / F. Ribeiro
The event also has the support of the Chambers of Commerce of Brazil and Colombia. In   this   pioneering   initiative,   JULIO   VERNE   will   be   offering   to   the   Colombian   market   solutions   for   inspection   and   process quality   control   through   non-invasive   X-ray   testing;   as   well   as Technical Assistance   services. This   project   aims   to   stimulate   economic growth among the countries involved, promote the expansion of new technologies and generate new employment prospects. View / Download the mission catalog (in spanish):  Catalog_Mission (pdf. 4MB)
Santo Andre / SP
X-RAY INSPECTION +55 11 4458 4883
EQUIPMENTS +55 11 4458 2829
Mission Santo Andre-Colombia
 Date: 12/06/2018 11:31 - Fonte: H. Honda / F. Ribeiro
Missão Santo André - Colômbia  
Bogotá-Colombia,    June    2018.    With    optimism    and    with    the exceptional    support    and    involvement    of    all    the    organizations involved,    the    first    business    round    of    the    Santo   André-Colombia Business   Mission   was   successfully   concluded   between   June   5   and 6;     in     which     20     Brazilian     companies,     including     Julio     Verne Automação,   met   with   several   Colombian   companies   in   search   of partnerships and businesses. "This   first   contact   with   companies   from   Colombia   was   very relevant,   as   the   economy   and   the   business   environment   there   are promising; with signs of
steady   growth   in   recent   years.   In   particular,   I   congratulate   the   receptiveness   and   the   interest   of   the   Entrepreneurs   and   the kindness of the Colombian people "comments Henrique Honda, representative of Julio Verne in the Business Mission. Julio   Verne's   expectations   include   expanding   the   breadth   of   its   activities   in   the   South American   Continent,   offering   specialized equipment   and   services;   at   the   same   time   boosting   the   local   economy,   maintaining   and   even   generating   business   opportunities   and jobs.
Missão Santo André - Colômbia • Crédito: Divulgação Missão Colômbia  
ConaEnd 2018 - Sao Paulo - Julio Verne´s booth # 21
 Date: 14/08/2018 17:22 - Fonte: H. Honda / F. Ribeiro
We   will   be   waiting   for   your   visit   to   CONAEND   congress   &   exposition, organized   by   the   Brazilian   Society   for   Non-Destructive   Testing   and   Inspection   ABENDI. Please look for booth #21. The   NDT   Brazilian   experts   reunited   in   one   place.   We   looking   forward   to meeting you there! • WHEN: August 27 to 29th, 2018. • Exposition: 27 and 28th: from 13h to 18:30h • 29th : from 10h to 16h • Congress: 27 to 29th, from 10 to 18:30h •   LOCAL:   Frei   Caneca   Convention   Center   –   4th   Floor   Frei   Caneca   Street,   569 Bela Vista – Sao Paulo – Brazil More    information    about    the    event,    please    refer    to    the    organization´s website at:
Divulgação ConaEnd 2018