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COMPLETE NON-DESTRUCTIVE X-RAY SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL QUALITY CONTROL Our solutions consist of inspection systems customized to work in a wide range of applications and segments, for quality control inspection in automotive industries, foundries, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electronics, aeronautics, nuclear, food processing and research & development.
INSPECTION SYSTEMS Complete    Radioscopy    systems,    with    a manual   or   semi-automatic   manipulator. Equipped   with   dynamic   mode   inspection features,   for   use   in   Industries,   Research Institutions, NDT Laboratories, Metrology
X-RAY TUBES & HV GENERATORS X-ray   tubes   starting   from   small   focus   for sharp   clearest   images,   to   high   power   for demanding   needs.   Rugged   High-Voltage generators       suitable       for       industrial environments   with   simplified   operation, high stability, accuracy, and reliability
FLAT PANEL DETECTORS Innovative       Flat       Panel       technologies enable   optimized   performance   in   X-ray imaging     systems     due     to     the     wide contrast     range     compared     to     analog detectors.
PORTABLE X-RAY Portable   X-ray   generators,   modules,   and accessories    designed    for    flexible    field inspection,   offering   reliable   and   efficient performance       in       all       environments situations. 
CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS & SYSTEM RETROFITTING Development   of   customized   projects,   to meet    Customer´s    specific    needs.    Sales and    Rental    of    remanufactured    cabins and accessories. Upgrades and Refurbishment services.
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