Services / Industrial Real Time X-ray & Radiography
JULIO   VERNE   performs   the   quality   inspection   in   parts   &   materials,   being   able   to   detect   internal   flaws   and/or   exam   inner   details   with Radioscopy and Radiography, accord to the customer quality standards;
INSPECTION & TESTING We   offer   inspection   services   on   parts,   materials   and   various   other   products,   using   the   non-destructive   industrial   x-ray   test   technique.   Our equipment   enables   inspections   of   relatively   medium/large   dimension   parts.   Inspection   of   electro   components   such   as   modules   used   in automotive industry is also possible with microfocus x-ray down to 0.001mm. 
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Preventive   Maintenance   &   Repair   for   all major   brands   and   suppliers,   performed by       experienced       industrial       X-ray engineers and technicians. Imagind Equipment Repair& Calibration Contact us for a Service Request
CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS  & RETROFITTING Improvement     and     Upgrade     for     older                                X-ray   systems,   improving   Imaging   quality and throughput. Customized     projects,     elaborated     and build     to     achieve     customer´s     specific tasks.  
RADIATION PROTECTION PLANS Specialized   Technical    Consulting,    with supervisors         and         radioprotection engineers authorized by CNEN.
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